Games We Play

After spending grueling hours organizing the home office on Saturday, my husband and I decided to play on our seldom-used Wii.  Having never played video games as a child, I am at a distinct disadvantage using any type of game controller, but I’ve been using the Wii to stream fitness videos since we bought some games during the Christmas sales.

He suggested we play a bit of a popular dance game, which has been sitting unused since we’d opened it that first day and played through a couple of songs, during which time my video game aficionado spouse demonstrated a frustrating talent for winning the high scores despite my many years of dance training.

Saturday, however, a new family gamer emerged when I started winning, not every time, and not always by a huge margin, but consistently.  Convinced this new turn of events was a fluke, K insisted the batteries in his controller were weak and my position in front of the sensor was superior…  In short, he used the same protests I had to explain my poor performance that first night when I was so thoroughly trounced.  Except this time, trading controllers and switching places didn’t change the results, and I kept improving.

Sometimes we make excuses for ourselves when a little applied effort will garner better results.  What that really means is that I should stop whining and just finish cleaning the office already.

Has there been a time when trying a little harder and getting a little more practice paid off for you?

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