Redeeming the Demon’s Daughter

Redeeming the Demon's Daughter

Redeeming the Demon’s Daughter

The mermaid Suvarnamatsya and her clan-sisters live an idyllic life on the coast bordering her uncle’s kingdom. Safe from war and any who might think her kind to be monsters, Suvi has known nothing but the security and privilege that comes of being a princess.

But when Hanuman, general of the god-king Rama’s army, tries to build a bridge to Sri Lanka to face off against the demon-king Ravana, the mermaids’ peace is shattered.

As Hanuman prepares to attack her father, Suvi can no longer avoid taking sides in this epic war between Rama and Ravana. She and her sisters sabotage the bridge’s construction, opening themselves to the wrath of Rama’s devotees.

Hanuman investigates the reason for the delayed construction and confronts his most unlikely adversary, a lovely mermaid who happens to be the daughter of his sworn enemy. Their fateful meeting challenges Suvi’s beliefs—those of love, family loyalty, duty, godliness, and, most of all, redemption.

Suvi’s choices and her ultimate sacrifice take her on a heart-rending journey from the coast of India to the feet of the gods.

Find out what happens to Suvi in this dramatic short story retelling from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana.

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