2016 Comes to a Close

And what an eventful year it’s been. I’m hopeful, like many others, that 2017 will be an improvement. We’ve had a rough time of it, with scary medical emergencies and several losses in the family this year.

December is usually a bright spot: my birthday comes the week after Thanksgiving, and Munchkin’s birthday mid-month, followed by several celebrations at Christmas. But along the way, we lost K’s last grandparent. It hasn’t been easy processing this or the sharp decline in my father’s health.

Onto brighter topics, stay tuned for several upcoming posts:

1) New Year’s (writing) Resolutions

2) My review of Rogue One (spoiler alert: it’s easily my favorite Star Wars movie, plus so far just one reason Why Engineers Shouldn’t Watch TV)

3) The status of all my big writing projects (Sea Deception novella series, “The Demon’s Daughter” short story, and of course the sequel to “Dark Empire”)

I have a whole bunch of excerpts to post for Saturday Snippets, several ideas for Word Wednesdays, and will continue my series on Why Engineers Shouldn’t Watch TV.

What would you like to hear about in the new year?

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