2017 Writing Resolutions

Keeping myself accountable for my personal writing goals is a resolution I make each year. It helps me put together a plan and then attempt to meet my personal expectations.

This year I’m trying something different: I’m putting these resolutions on the blog so that the Internet becomes my accountability buddy. I’ll also check in throughout the year to see if I hit the goals I set.

And, according to all the recommendations for sticking to resolutions, I’m making them small enough to achieve, measurable, and targeted to specific dates.

Here is my writing plan for 2017:

    1. Blog 2X/month + a regular Writing Resolutions Review
    2. Send out a monthly newsletter
    3. Increase activity on FB, Twitter, and IG by posting something weekly on each platform
    4. Redeeming The Demon’s Daughter (final draft submitted 12/29/2016)

      1. Determine publication status (2/10/2017 response awaited)

        1. Reach out to author FB groups for how to do newsletter giveaways (cover design, how to share, whether to post to Amazon, etc.)
      2. Market publication
    5. Sea Deception

      1. Beta reader feedback for Sea Deception 1: Sea Dreams – submitted and awaiting responses
      2. Finish Sea Deception 2: Sea Rivals by 1/31 (max 10,000 words left to write = 500 words/day)
      3. Submit Sea Deception 2: Sea Rivals to beta readers for feedback
      4. Contact chosen vendor for cover
      5. Sea Deception 3: Sea Treasures(?) Finish plotting out and write 500 words/day to finish by 3/31
      6. Cover design for Sea Deception 3: Sea Treasures
      7. Series release March 1, April 1, June 1 with pre-orders
    6. Free Worvanz

      1. Resume progress on Free Worvanz 2: WR on April 1 at 2000 words/week or 500 words/day to finish draft 1 by 6/30
      2. New covers for both books – need to find a vendor

Of course I have a number of personal resolutions too, ranging from fitness to new skill development to networking.

What resolutions have you set for 2017, and what steps are you taking to make sure that your resolutions don’t become regrets by February?

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