Windy Days and Bouncy Balls

Windy days might not be the best ones to go buying big rubber air-filled bouncy balls for the Munchkin. I’ve been too embarrassed to share this story in a public forum, but now that a year has passed, I think I’m recovered.

In case you saw a woman pushing a full shopping cart, laden with a giggling toddler and shopping bags across the full length of the parking lot chasing a swirly purple bouncy ball, you saw me.

I didn’t have a whole lot of options: the wind kept driving the ball further and further away.  Add to that, T kept saying “Ball? Ball?” in that precious way that toddlers have, where she only really can say “Ba?” Ba?”

Obviously I could have caught the ball quite easily without the shopping cart, but where precisely was I to leave my toddler? In the shopping cart abandoned in the middle of the busy parking lot? I think not.

Have you ever had a shopping mishap?

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