New Nursery Rhymes, Part 2: Humpty Dumpty

As I mentioned last week, Munchkin can’t get enough of her nursery rhymes, though her favorites happen to be single-verse ones.  Once I got tired of repeating the same lines over and over again, I decided to flex my rhyming muscles and come up with some new verses.

Humpty Dumpty went up the stair

Humpty Dumpty took no great care

With a ker-THUNK he fell all the way down

No one helped since they were all out-of-town.

In a while he sat himself up

To the doctor must he go? Yup

It wasn’t long ‘til he got to his feet

No horses nor men helped him off his seat.

Humpty Dumpty jumped up and down

Humpty Dumpty bumped his cracked crown

Dizzy and dazed he went to the doc’s store

But with no pennies he was shown the door.

In case you missed last week’s new verses for “Baa, Baa Black Sheep,” you can check them out here.

I previously discussed Humpty Dumpty here.

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