Guess Who’s a Semi-Finalist?

You might notice I’m quite excited!

Guess who’s a semi-finalist?

Yeah, you didn’t really have to guess that hard. I know.

So what’s the big news?

Back in April, I submitted a children’s book to a contest, and I finally heard back!

SOOP, Something or Other Publishing, just announced the preliminary results for their 2nd Annual Short Story Contest here. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that I’m an additional semi-finalist in the Children’s Fiction category.

The story is titled “No Monsters in This House,” and I wrote the entire thing in a flash of inspiration while waiting for D to fall asleep a few years ago. Of course, kids that age always worry about monsters, if you remember this adventure we had.

“No Monsters in This House” takes a very different approach. Check out the SOOP link to learn more. I’d love if you cast a vote for my story!

It’s an honor to have my writing recognized this way. Stay tuned for the final results! I’m sure waiting with bated breath.

Why Enter a Contest?

So why did I enter a contest rather than publish myself? Certainly I haven’t hesitated to self-publish other works, including short stories.

T even offered to illustrate the story for me, but ….

Then I got a quote from a friend that honestly exceeded any expectations I projected for the book to succeeded. Some vendors offered me reasonable quotes but images that didn’t appeal to me. I even tried my hand at drawing myself.

Guess Who’s a Semi-Finalist?
Preeti’s attempt at illustrating “No Monsters in This House”
My attempt at illustrating “No Monsters in This House”

As an indie author, it’s vitally important to produce the highest quality writing product I can. Drawing or digitizing images for a children’s book is a huge undertaking with a steep learning curve. Hiring an illustrator can be cost-prohibitive unless you seriously promote your work. I just can’t justify the amount of energy it would take to self-publish this work until exhausting all my other options. Hence the contest entry.

So while we no longer have to guess who’s a semi-finalist, I look forward to the publishing contract details. Stay tuned for more information!

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