Eldritch, Another Spooky Word for Halloween

This Word Wednesday, let’s look at one that’s been on my mind lately. Eldritch, another spooky word, is an excellent choice for Halloween.

Eldritch, another spooky word for Halloween

So let’s dive into the meaning of “eldritch.” It means weird, unnatural, or sinister. Eldritch implies a fear response, so spooky is a fair synonym.

Learning new words and being able to find the word that means exactly what the story needs can mean the difference between a mediocre story and a brilliant one.

On Wednesdays we will identify an unusual word, provide its definition, and discuss its application or its impact.

Eldritch comes from the Old English words for “elf” and “kingdom.” It dates back to a time when people expected to find elves and other supernatural creatures around every corner.

For fans of Terry Pratchett, “Lords and Ladies” provides an excellent description of all the reasons not to address elves or fairies by name. We certainly wouldn’t want to invite their attention, good or bad.

I did almost weep with laughter after reading this Reddit thread.

This is why I prefer not to have doormats that say “Welcome,” or worst still, any variant of my name. Considering we wipe the muck off our shoes on a doormat before entering, using your name on a doormat just seems like trampling it. As for “welcoming” anyone at my door, I’d like to verify who you are before allowing you hospitality. Vampires, fairies, and minor gods should all take note that permission to enter the premises must be granted by someone with the authority to do so.

Happy Halloween!

We all know how much I love Halloween. We have our costumes ready to go, and here’s a little snippet of my decor. I’ll be sharing our family costumes on Instagram before we go Trick-or-Treating, so be sure to take a look! What costume are you wearing?

Halloween decor

Obviously, I focus more on the cutesy side of Halloween rather than the eldritch side. While T and I visited and enjoyed our friends’ “Garage of Terror” this year, she still doesn’t care much for really scary stuff.

On a personal note

So where have I disappeared? Last month was rough. After my son’s birthday, I walked away with COVID and then gave it to my husband. Just when we were feeling better, my daughter got sick (not COVID). Then my mom came to visit, and I missed half her visit because I was sick with a nasty stomach bug. It might have been norovirus, since it didn’t act like a simple stomachache. Anyway, everyone has recovered, and I’m really glad to be all in one piece.

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