First Mother’s Day

Dear Munchkin,

Normally children celebrate their mothers today, but as this is my first Mother’s Day and you’re not quite five months old, I choose to celebrate you and motherhood instead today. I’ve known since I was quite young that I wanted to be a parent someday, but the actuality has been rather more than I bargained for.

With your birth, all my dreams came true. You were prayed for and wished for, and I hope you always know just how much you are wanted.

I never comprehended just how much love I’d feel for you, just how much I would want to spend every minute watching you play, or eat, or even sleep. You have brought me immeasurable joy in just the few months you’ve been in my life, and I feel so blessed to watch you experience the world and grow day-by-day. I look forward to a lifetime of new experiences, watching you grow and change, my precious little girl.

Love always,


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