Ready to see Cover Art for “Dark Empire”?

Between the new job, the sudden travel, a series of family colds, and the editor search, I’ve been out-of-pocket.  However, I’ve nearly found an editor, my beta readers are diligently reading (I’ve even heard back from 2…), and I have had a fabulous announcement to share.

The cover art for “Dark Empire” is finished!  With great thanks to Zak over at Sparkpunk, the vision in my mind’s eye for this book cover has become a reality.  Tell me what you think!


Working through the creative process for the cover illustration was quite a change from the actual writing.  Part of the difference is the media – images impress upon the mind in a different way than words do, providing a real picture where words force the reader to develop a view in one’s mind’s eye that is by its very nature unique and personal.

Add to this vital difference the fact that now I, as an author, have to convey my unique view to someone quite separated from my story, someone who only knows about the characters, the story, the setting, etc., based on what I’ve communicated in a few emails, and it’s a marvel to me that Zak was able to reach into my head and create an image that accurately reflected my mental picture and actually honed it into something better.

Because I have a confession: originally, Del’s protection charm, highlighted on the cover you see here, was just a plain pendant, white with red veins.  Mighty dull, right?  As Zak and I discussed featuring the charm on the cover, we agreed it needed a little something extra.  And thus was born the concept that each protection charm would carry an image unique to the person for whom it was cast.  Since Del is an avid falconer, it seemed appropriate that the falcon would choose her.  Serendipitously, falcons also represent protection in medieval heraldry, making this image one particularly well-suited to Del.  I can’t tell you just how thrilled I am at the addition of this extra element to the symbolism within “Dark Empire.”

I look forward to hearing what you think of the cover!

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