Moving Dark Empire Exclusively to Amazon

Folks, I’m trying something new. After some frustration trying to download books I purchased from Barnes and Noble so that I could read them on my Kindle, because my nook has long since bitten the dust, I discovered that Barnes and Noble has disabled this option. (I know, I’m late to the party.) Now you can only read books purchased from Barnes and Noble on a nook app or on a nook. Now, I’m partial to paper books, and, barring that, e-ink will do. An iPad, however, really doesn’t do the job for my eyes.

While lots of folks don’t tend to reread books a second time or more, I do. My library space is far too small for me to store every physical book I may want to reread, and there are several series that I currently want to reread. As a writer, I can learn a lot from observing how other writers manage stuff like description of characters in a second book or how they transition across time.

Since Barnes and Noble is treating my book purchases like a temporary licensing, I have pulled Dark Empire from their site and will be moving it to the Amazon KDP Select program later this week. Considering that I only sold one copy of this book in the year it’s been published, and Barnes and Noble will only pay out royalties once they reach $10, I suppose we’ll call the $1.94 they have of mine a business loss.

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