Independence Day

Heard anything lately about the British Dream? How about the Mexican Dream or the Japanese Dream? No? Well, I bet you’ve heard about the American Dream.

No matter the partisan strife, the American Dream is one we all aspire to reach. I’m grateful to have the freedom to write what I like, to have no fear that someone will censor my words or persecute me for the thoughts and beliefs I share here or in my stories.  Not everyone is so fortunate.

When I hear the national anthem, either today or to celebrate athletic achievements in some sporting event, I freely confess that my eyes get misty.  There’s something about “the rockets’ red glare” and the “land of the free” that tugs at my heartstrings and reminds me that the words to this song represent a heavy price.

So thanks to all the brave men and women past and present who have sacrificed so that the American Dream can become a reality for all of us.  I like to think that the heroes I choose for my books have something in common with you.

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