Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  Not only does it show up the week before my birthday, but it’s a celebration not fraught with politically-correct controversy*.  We all can find something to be thankful for, and spending just one little day out of the whole year thinking about our blessings can set the stage for a happier life.

So this year, a small sampling of the many things I have to be grateful for, I can celebrate:

  • Munchkin’s first Thanksgiving – she’s brought us a lot of joy in the less-than-a-year she’s been in our lives
  • My family and friends, and their continued good health
  • Gainful employment that I find meaningful,
  • A curious mind, which has nearly finished this book I keep promising you all
  • And ALL the trappings of a comfortable lifestyle – there’s nothing I truly want or need so bad that I’m willing to brave the yahooism that commences before it’s even Black Friday.  I’m sitting this one out, hopefully at my computer where I can pound out the last couple chapter additions needed to finishing off Dark Empire.

So in the spirit of gratefulness and in hopes that you spend your holiday with loved ones or at least doing what you love, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

*I’m looking at you, insisters that I wish everyone Season’s Greetings.  Despite the fact that there isn’t actually a common December unique to my religion that I celebrate, if I want to wish you Happy Chanukah or Merry Christmas, I will.  Particularly if we are close to the day of the event.  And until we get Chanukah (or Diwali) off, there is no reason to fail to celebrate the fact that most of us don’t have to go to work on Christmas Day, whether or not it matches our religious observations.  Oh, and don’t think you’re fading into the woodwork, over there, convinced that all celebrants of Halloween are animal-sacrificing pagans.  I like passing out candy and wearing costumes, so if there is a Hallmark-sanctioned opportunity for me to do so, you better believe I’m going to take it.

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