Editing “Dark Empire”

I’m thrilled to announce that “Dark Empire” is currently in the hands of a real live editor.  This book has gotten so much further than any of my previous writing efforts.  I’m looking at you, Complete Train Wreck of a Novel Manuscript Under the Bed, and you, Equally Disastrous Incomplete Sequel to the Train Wreck, and let’s not forget the fits and starts of the short stories that never ended.

“Dark Empire” ranks as the second-longest complete manuscript I’ve written and by far the most coherent.  So the idea that it is actually being edited with the intent to publish by the end of the year sends chills down my spine.  Publishing a novel has been the greatest ambition of my life for as long as I can remember.

Obviously, there’s still a long list of tasks to complete, including registering a business license and completing manuscript edits.  But my mind’s eye envisions the finished work being available soon.  I can’t wait to give you my first impressions of the finished edits.

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