When Procrastination Pays Off

When Procrastination Pays Off

Sometimes the perfectionist in me just can’t make things happen. For those of you who also suffer from this terrible affliction, there’s always a case when procrastination pays off. Procrastination I can’t help that it’s Word Wednesday. Procrastination comes from the Latin words pro for “for” and cras for “tomorrow.” Literally, it means “for tomorrow.” […]

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The Flip-flopping Definition of “Off-Putting”

What does “off-putting” mean? When we talk about something “off-putting,” we describe something disturbing, disagreeable, or repellant. This is a relatively new definition of the phrase, dating to the 1930s. In the decades prior to that, “off-putting” as an adjective used to mean procrastinating or delaying. Primarily used in Scotland, it is similar to how

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