Halloween is here again!

I had a fabulous in-costume picture from a recent trip that my husband insists he doesn’t want me to share. Since I’m about a year behind on Halloween pictures, you’ll probably see it next year…

Halloween is here again, and I’m thrilled as always. This year’s costume may be more recognizable to most classic Disney movie aficionados than last year’s (pictured) rushed-home-from-work-to-get-ready-for-a-Halloween-party. However, I loved getting to commemorate such a historical character for Halloween. In my neighborhood, there are enough people who aren’t familiar with American pop culture and American history to recognize her, but my clue to you is “We Can Do It!” Let me know in the comments if you figured it out.

I love that T doesn’t want to be a princess: her favorite show is “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” and she was determined to be the one with the “Green Hat, Red Feather.” I’d rather she was a swashbuckling adventurer than Cinderella any day. While D doesn’t usually have too much of an opinion about these things yet, when he got his little Jake costume on, he was just as pleased as any two-year-old could be.

Call for Beta Readers

Of course, Halloween brings with it shades of NaNoWriMo. While I’m not planning to participate this year, it’s because I’m feverishly working to wrap up my edits to Book 2 of “Sea Deception.”

Titled “Sea Rivals,” it follows the story of my heroine four years after the conclusion of “Sea Dreams.” And that first book is completely finished and ready for beta readers and formatting: I don’t plan to touch it again to make any further changes. Edits all in doubled the word count, and I couldn’t be happier with how the story has turned out. If you’re interested in being a beta reader, sign up to the mailing list and indicate or update your preference.

So I’ve been hard at work scribbling…as soon as I knock out my first-pass edits to Book 2, I’ll send it to my editor for her feedback. Then I’ll get to the business of writing the first draft of the final book, whose title is still not completely decided. That last book is fully plotted out, and I just need to find the time to sit still and write the story. I even have a thought for a bonus book following related characters, so let’s see how this series plays out.

But first, Halloween!

(Then beta readers)

What costume do you have planned?

Halloween Drama: Taking Candy from a Baby

Last Halloween we had some Trick-or-Treat drama.

My husband, K, and I had taken the Munchkin trick-or-treating just around the neighborhood.  Since she wasn’t even a year old, it was more for the fun and for Mommy and Daddy to wear costumes than it was because Munchkin wanted to celebrate Halloween.

We didn’t have an elaborate setup, just everyone in costumes, and we grabbed a metal salad bowl to collect her candy.  It’s not a huge container, but we also weren’t expecting to collect a lot of candy.

Well, things were going smoothly until two elementary-aged boys in costume opened the door to our “Trick or treat!”

One of them proceeded to grab a big handful of candy from Munchkin’s salad bowl, much to our dismay.  OK, my dismay and K’s great aggravation.  I was all for letting it go, but, on principle (hello, taking candy from his baby girl), K rang the doorbell to set things to rights.

The culprit claimed that he thought we were bringing candy to his door, and K was quick to point out that that’s not how it works.  After restoring T’s candy to her bowl, we advised them that they were welcome to trick-or-treat at our door if they wanted candy of their own.

Moral of the story: we will be skipping their house this year.