Saturday Snippet: Progress on Sea Dreams & Exciting News

On Saturdays, you can check out a snippet from my latest writing efforts.  All snippets are copyrighted.  These excerpts from my writing are first draft, unedited words, and may not appear in the final work.

This snippet comes from Chapter One of Sea Deceptions Book Three, “Sea Treasures.” As you know, I’m publishing Book One, “Sea Dreams,” just as soon as I finish the first draft of “Sea Treasures.”

Something about the salt water here reminded her of the ocean—a sense of depth belied by the fact that she could see floating lane markers when she turned and looked down. This is definitely a swimming pool, so why does it feel like I’m deep in the ocean? Her twisting motion disturbed the hand in hers. The salty scent of water comforted her, and she lazily stretched. A soft slap hit the water and tiny droplets scattered over her body, snapping her further alert. Her arm felt sore…bruised, and she wasn’t sure why. The hand holding hers tightened, and that sensation, too, felt familiar. Then why did she suddenly feel so forlorn?

“Maryn, are you awake?”

Maryn… Hearing her name brought back her awareness of self instead of all these disjointed memories of the past. She needed to be concerned with where she was and how she arrived here, not with high school swim competitions.

More than the words she heard, the sound of that voice triggered so much more remembrance. Long-buried memories—of anger, lies, and betrayal—flooded her at the sound of that rasping whisper, and she wrenched her hand away, pressing it to her head and trying desperately to will away the crashing thoughts.

A cry of pain—not hers—accompanied her movement, but Maryn couldn’t focus on it as confusing images flickered through her mind. She saw flashes of dark hair and a dark complexion, and her heart throbbed with agonizing recognition. Was this the face of one she’d lost? Was it someone she loved? Or was it someone who hurt her?

Maryn’s a bit confused. Have you ever woken up not knowing where you are?

Exciting News!!!

A short story of mine titled “A Step Through Time” has been accepted to an anthology, “Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove.” Atthis Arts will be publishing this collection in May, 2019.

I am so honored to have my work chosen for this special collection. Through the editing process, I’ve gotten a sneak peek at some of the stories that are included, and you are in for a real treat.

The premise of the anthology is that the entire story must take place in five minutes, and the story must also occur somewhere on the premises of Hotel Stormcove.

Pre-order your copy of “Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove” here.

Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove

Saturday Snippet: Sea Dreams

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted one of these, but you know what it means…

“Sea Dreams” is almost here!

So here’s your sneak peek. I’d love to know what you think.

On Saturdays, you can check out a snippet from my latest writing efforts.  All snippets are copyrighted.  These excerpts from my writing are first draft, unedited words, and may not appear in the final work.

“You feeling okay, Mare?” David asked. “You’ve been moving through the day like a zombie.”

Maryn couldn’t resist the opening. “Brains!” she moaned, tilting her head to the side and lurching in her seat.

Brandon burst out laughing and David snorted on his juice, which only made his brother laugh even harder. Maryn grinned before turning back to her calculus problems, but a little envy nagged her. David never looked tired—with his perfectly disheveled blond hair and easy smile, her cousin fit right in with the popular crowd he called friends. And while she wanted to paint him with the same brush as the rest of that crowd, he surprised her sometimes, like now.

The fact that he even noticed that she wasn’t quite herself in between all the texting on his phone was a small miracle. But coming from the guy who could usually be depended on to provide a play-by-play of the last party or school game—often from the same night—Maryn supposed it wasn’t really that strange. David was good company in that sense, needing little more than a nod or a mumble to keep up steady chatter.

Her goofiness certainly distracted them from David’s question. If she told David about her strange dreams he might start checking in on her more often, especially at school. And she didn’t want to risk him saying something in front of his friends, particularly not his gorgeous, popular girlfriend Jen, who already looked at Maryn a bit like she was a squashed bug on the bottom of her brand-name shoes. She really didn’t need Jen to think Maryn was more of a loser than she already did. Maryn tuned out David’s mundane commentary the rest of the afternoon as best she could: the new basketball coach changed the varsity team’s entire training program over Christmas break.