The Flip-flopping Definition of “Off-Putting”

What does “off-putting” mean? When we talk about something “off-putting,” we describe something disturbing, disagreeable, or repellant. This is a relatively new definition of the phrase, dating to the 1930s. In the decades prior to that, “off-putting” as an adjective used to mean procrastinating or delaying. Primarily used in Scotland, it is similar to how …

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The 4th Father’s Day

This is the fourth Father’s Day without my dad. This year I find myself wondering what he would make of the events of 2020 so far…impeachment…worldwide pandemic shutdowns…race riots…murder hornets…locust plagues… I imagine he would have had meaningful words to share and some way of putting everything in perspective. Papa was a well-read, well-spoken, philosophical, …

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